Financial Requirement

Applicants are expected to be financially capable of supporting themselves on this programme in Malaysia.

Upon application:

i. Applicants aged below 50 years are required to show proof of liquid assets worth a minimum of RM500,000 and offshore income of RM10,000 per month.

ii. Applicants aged 50 and above are required to show proof of liquid assets worth a minimum of RM 350,000 and off shore income of RM10,000 per month.


Successful applicants are required to comply with the following financial criteria upon receipt of the ‘conditional approval letter’ from the Malaysia Immigration Department.

(For applicants who are single or with spouse)
Below 50 years old                         50 years old and above
Fixed Deposit          
Current Monthly
offshore income
Options:Fixed                   DepositRM150,000  Current MonthlyOff-Shore  Income*
RM10,000(applicable only to those received
govt pension)
FIXED DEPOSIT WITHDRAWAL (After 1 year period)
Applicable only for approved expenses, such as house purchase, education for children in Malaysia and medical purposes.
Withdrawal up to
Withdrawal up to
(For the remaining period of stay)

* Only applicants who are drawing from Government Approved Funds will be considered to have fulfilled the “Monthly off – Shore Income” criteria.


Offshore Income

IF The applicant is unable to meet the RM 10,000 Off shore income,he/she may submit income from spouse to support the application however,the applicant’s income should exceed the spouse with a ratio of 7:3.

The applicant who declares that he / she is employed,is not permitted to use other sources of income such as rental agreements,investment benefits and others as sources of income,instead the applicant must submit the salary slip and bank statement as proof of an offshore-income.

applicant is required to provide both salary slip and three months of current bank statement as an evidence of salary credit by the employer.



  • Successful applicants need to open their fixed deposits in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) only.
  • Participants need to obtain prior approval from Ministry of Tourism before proceed to withdraw the fixed deposit.
  • Participants under this programme may withdraw their entire fixed deposit anytime should they decide to terminate their stay in Malaysia under this programme. However, they must obtain prior approval from the Ministry of Tourism.

Medical Report

All participants and their dependents (spouse and children) are required to submit a medical report from any private hospital or registered clinic in Malaysia.

Medical Insurance

Participants and their dependents (spouse and children) who are approved must possess a valid medical insurance policy, which is applicable in Malaysia.


Participants should not participate in activities that can be considered as sensitive to the local people and a threat to the security of the country.

Special Social Visa For Parents

Parents of participants who are over 60 years old could also come to Malaysia together with the participants under a special social visit visa for six months, which is renewable till the expiry of the applicant’s 10 years visa.